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Pet Portraits

Border Terriers
Border Terrier

How to commission a Pet Prtrait

I love seeing peoples reactions when they receive their completed pet portrait.  Each one is a precious memory of their fur baby, however large or small.  I often get messages or emails asking how to go about ordering a commission so I hope to answer these on this page.

Contact Me... You may not have any photos yet but just want to know some more details like how long is the waiting list and the cost.  Get in touch through my contact page, email, phone, facebook or Instagram.  I will reply the same day.



This is the most important part.   It is vital that I have clear photos of your pet.  You can provide me with several so that I can get a good idea of the colour and any markings.  I will then agree with you the best pose (picture) to use for the portrait.  If you live near me then I would be happy to come over and take the pictures for you.

If you are having 2 or more pets in a group it is just as important to take seperate photos of each pet we can then discuss how to group them and whether I need perhaps extra photos in different positions.  I will then send you a mock up so that you can check they are the correct size in relation to each other.



Your deposit is paid at the time of booking.  I take a 25% deposit and this gives you a guaranteed time slot. This can be paid by Bank transfer or through Paypal by credit card.  You can make a booking before you have sent me any photos - it will give you peace of mind that you are on the list!  I would need to have your photos a couple of weeks before I am starting so that I can check they are clear.


Starting your Pet Portrait

As soon as I am ready to start your Commission I will email you to let you know.  I take progress photos along the way and would be happy to email those too if you would like

Final Payment

Once I have finished I will email you a photo of the Portrait for your approval.  Only once you are happy will I ask for the final payment.  This should be made before I post or deliver your order.

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