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Wheat Products

Wheat Pillows

With all the news about energy price rises and everyones concerns about keeping warm this winter, we have designed a new range.  With the emphasis on luxury - our Wheat Pillows are made from beautiful 100% Wool Tweed fabric and filled with cleaned British wheat.  Each pillow is finished with a little embroidered heart motive.  

Heated in the microwave the wheat pillows can be used as a hot water bottle to snuggle up to on those cold winter evenings.  Or use to ease stomach aches and aching muscles.

up to 750 watt microwaves heat for 2 1/2 minutes on high

750 to 900 watt microwaves heat for 2 mins on high

You can adjust the heating time to suit your preferre termperature but always be careful when

Put in the freezer (in a sealed plastic bag) and your Wheat Pillow turns into a cold pack.  It can be used to relieve migraines or put on strains and sports injuries.

Scented or natural - you can choose between our hand picked lavender option which aids sleep and relaxation or non scented.  Of course you could add your own preferred scent to our natural Wheat Pillow by putting a few drops of essential oil on the Tweed.

~ Relax, you deserve it ~

Wheat pillow in mauve and purple
Teale and Brown Wheat Pillow
Wheat pillow back
Red and Teale Wheat Pillow
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